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Silver Spear

Silver Spear instruments are made in the beautiful, historic hill-country of the Welsh Marches, where the harp especially has been part of the cultural landscape for centuries.

By making the most of the unique grain in every piece of timber, we ensure that every Silver Spear instrument has an identity of its own. As traditional craftsmen-makers, we are always happy to build an instrument to meet the special requirements of a customer; but we try also to hold a stock of our most popular models, and to keep any waiting times to a minimum.

All our instruments wear our distinctive spear-shaped badge in solid silver - a sign of our pride in everything we design and make, and of our commitment to quality and tradition.

  • Harps


    Harps have the potential to be the most sculptural of all musical instruments - the shape of our harps is mainly inspired by the strong yet graceful lines of Viking longships.

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  • Dulcimers


    The dulcimer is not only a fascinating survivor from the past, but an instrument of the future, which has barely begun, in our culture at least, to realise its full potential.

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  • About Us

    About Us

    Silver Spear Instruments are traditional local designer-makers, headed by craftsman Jonathan Letcher, who has lived and worked for many years in the Marches
    of Wales.

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    Over the last fifteen years Jon has worked on a number of instrument-making projects which aim to highlight the connections, rather than the differences, between our culture and those of other countries.

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Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust
Silver Spear Instruments
Jonathan Letcher
Ridge Farm
Bishop’s Castle
+44 (0)1588 650 416