Camlad 34

The Camlad 34 is a modern clarsach with a strong, bright, yet expressive tone; fitted with medium-tension nylon strings. It has a soundboard of aircraft-grade laminated Finnish birch, making it less vulnerable to changes of temperature and humidity than harps with a solid spruce soundboard; and a round-backed sound-box. It is available in a variety of beautiful British and American hardwoods. The student model is the same as the other models in every respect, except that it is built in native ash with a plain birch sound-box.  

Camlad 34’s are generally fitted with the excellent standard-finish Camac semi-tone levers; except for those instruments built from special woods such as rippled sycamore or bird’s eye maple, which have the same Camac levers, plated in gold. Gold-plated levers are also available as an option on any specially commissioned instrument. 

Camlad 34

Range: String no. 34 (lowest) C; to string no. 1, A


Maximum height -       1410 mm

Maximum width (at string arm) - 780 mm

Weight (approximate, depending on timber)  13.5 kgs.


In ash £2100.00 Buy
In plain sycamore £2350.00 Buy
In cherry £2400.00 Buy
In black walnut £2450.00 Buy
In rippled sycamore with standard levers £2450.00 Buy
In rippled sycamore with gold-plated levers £2575.00 Buy
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