Camlad 27

We first developed the Camlad 27 for a harp teacher who needed some small, light harps which were easy to carry and load into her car for workshops, and could also be quickly adjusted and set to a variety of heights, to suit both children and adults. It has also proved very popular as a travel harp, or for playing in crowded sessions, and has a remarkable richness and volume of sound, in spite of the relatively small sound-box.

Like the 34 string model, the Camlad 27 has a soundboard of aircraft-grade laminated Finnish birch, and a round-backed sound-box; and is available in
a choice of fine timbers.

The harp comes either with the same fixed feet as the Camlad 34, or with 
our unique retractable wooden stand, which allows the instrument to be
set at different heights, to match whatever chair you find yourself using,
and will even allow the player to stand up while playing. The shaft slides
into the sound box when not in use; and is quickly secured in position by a
knob inside the instrument, so that the harp can safely be left standing on
its own feet, at most normal playing heights; though not when the stand
is fully extended.  

The Camlad 27 is normally fitted with the excellent French Camac levers
(in standard finish) and with high quality American nylon strings. 

Camlad 27Camlad 27
  • Camlad 27
  • Camlad 27

Range: String no. 27 (lowest) C; to string no. 1, A


Maximum height -       1110 mm

Maximum width (at string arm) - 610 mm

Weight (approximate, depending on timber)  Without sliding stand - 5.5 kg With sliding stand - 7 kg


In ash or plain sycamore, with fixed feet £1500.00 Buy
In cherry, with fixed feet £1550.00 Buy
In black walnut or rippled sycamore, with fixed feet £1600.00 Buy
In ash or plain sycamore, with sliding stand £1650.00 Buy
In cherry, with sliding stand £1750.00 Buy
In black walnut or rippled sycamore, with sliding stand £1800.00 Buy
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