Santur Type Dulcimers

The dulcimer probably originated in Persia, or Iran; where the santur - as it is called - is one of the most popular classical instruments, even today. Our small dulcimers, based on modern Iranian santurs, also resemble the early dulcimers used in mediaeval Europe.

They are very light and portable, and have a surprising volume of sound, considering their small size. They have proved popular both for taking to crowded sessions, and for playing early music, as their more woody sound - which has more attack but less sustain than the larger modern instruments - suits this type of music particularly well.

The Elburz model has 10 trebles and 3 low bass drones, and is used mainly for early music. The Caspian has 10 trebles and 9 bases which are tuned, like modern western dulcimers, a fifth below the corresponding treble, rather than with an octave interval, as with Iranian santurs.

They are built entirely of solid sycamore, have two strings per course; and come supplied with one pair of unpadded hammers.



Santur Type DulcimersSantur Type Dulcimers
  • Santur Type Dulcimers
  • Santur Type Dulcimers
  • Santur Type Dulcimers
  • Santur Type Dulcimers
  • Santur Type Dulcimers

Range: G to A

Dimensions 36” x 9.5” x 4”.

Weight Weight without steel frame- 7kg
Weight with steel frame - 13 kg


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