Harp hire

Many people have found that hiring a harp is a good way of starting to learn the instrument, for a number of reasons. 

It is especially useful for parents whose child wants to learn the harp, as it gives them the chance to find out whether their child is really serious about the instrument, before they go to the expense of buying one. Hiring a good quality harp is much better than trying to buy a (relatively) cheap one through the internet, as these are almost always a disappointment and a waste of money. A poor quality instrument will inevitably hamper the child’s progress at the vital early stage, and can easily put a child, even one with real potential as a player, off the instrument altogether. 

Some adults also prefer to find out whether they are really going to take to the instrument, before they buy one; or they may want to make sure that the harp they are considering is really the right instrument for them. 

We have tried to make sure that our hire arrangements are simple and straightforward; and as anyone who goes on to buy one of our harps will have most of the hire charges they have already paid deducted from the purchase price, subject to certain conditions, hiring can be a very good way of making a start. 

Our standard terms and conditions are given below. As an illustration, we have included the costs of hiring a Silver Spear Camlad 34 Student model, though you can calculate the approximate cost of hiring any of our harps from the information given below - but just give us a ring if you are in any doubt, or would like a definite quotation. We are happy to hire any of our standard range of harps, and may sometimes consider hiring one of our more unusual harps - such as a Camlad 34 in rippled sycamore, for example. Just let us know what you have in mind.  




1) The minimum hire period is six months; after which you may end the hire agreement whenever you like, after giving one month’s notice. There is no maximum period, but we prefer a hiring to continue for no more than 12 months, in order to give other customers access to an instrument.

2) The monthly hire charge for a Silver Spear Camlad Student harp is £58.50 (3% of the purchase price of £1,950.) There is an initial setting-up fee of three times the monthly charge (£175.50) which includes the first month’s rental; after which the hirer must set up a standing order for the monthly payments.  

3) We do not ask for a damage deposit, but the hirer must keep the harp fully insured, and will be required to pay for broken strings, and for any damage to the instrument. 

4) If you decide to purchase a Silver Spear harp within the initial six-month hire period, 75% of the hire charge you have already paid (excluding the setting-up fee) will be deducted from the purchase price of the harp. If you purchase one of our harps after six months, 65% of the hire charge will be deducted from the price. 

5) The deductions from the purchase price assume that either the hired harp itself (if new at the time of hiring), or a model of equal or higher price, is being purchased. Although the minimum hire period is normally six months, there is no need to go on for the full period if you decide to buy one of our harps within that time - the hire will end as soon as you make the purchase. 

6) The hirer is responsible for collecting the harp from Silver Spear, and returning it at the end of the hire period; or for paying any delivery/ collection costs that may be incurred. 

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